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Enter basic contact information to create your RefundLabs account (it's free). We'll assign you a dedicated Recovery Specialist who will answer your questions.

Link your Amazon Account

In order to identify potential reimbursement scenarios, we'll ask you to link your Amazon account. You'll need to add RefundLabs as a developer, and provide us with API credentials so we can get started.

View Detailed Analysis for Past Events

Our "Core Engine" will analyze over a year of Amazon data to identify a comprehensive list of over 27 reimbursable events. It takes about 12 hours for the initial data analysis but you can start seeing reimbursement events that we have identified in minutes!

Provide additional information to have RefundLabs start filing claims

Before we can start filing claims, you'll need to enter billing information and add RefundLabs as an authorized user. Authorized user access allows us to manually file claims on your behalf.

We file claims on your behalf

Sit back and relax. We will provide you with a dedicated Recovery Specialist who will individually review each claim and manually file cases where appropriate.

Track reimbursement progress on our Dashboard

You can track everything that RefundLabs is doing live through our transparent dashboard. See each claim that we're working on, how successful we've been, and much more.

Get money back from Amazon

This is the best part! Once a claim has been approved by Amazon, you'll see a credit on your Seller Account.

Let the money pile up

As long as you're working with us, we'll keep identifying new reimbursement events, filing claim tickets, and getting you more and more money back.

Fully Complaint with Amazon TOS

Our entire process is fully compliant with Amazon's Terms and Conditions. All claims are individually reviewed and manually filed.

Dedicated Recovery Specialist

We'll assign you a dedicated Recovery Specialist who is responsible for all claims on your account. You can speak to them whenever you have a question or concern.

Comprehensive Reimbursement Recognition

Our proprietary system uses advanced data analytics to identify and recover money from over 27 reimbursement scenarios.

Profit Driver

Most seller tools charge you money. We get you money back! We charge a small fee only after we've recovered money for you. It's free to start - you only pay us when you've gotten paid by Amazon.

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